In 1875, 25-year old Francisco Alfredo Pellas Canessa came to Nicaragua to take over the family business, Caribbean Pacific Transit Co., founded by his father Carlos Napoleon. More than 135 years later and through five generations, the family business has grown into 25 companies in more than a dozen countries – from transportation and computers to sugar, ethanol, Flor de Caña Rum and the world-class Vivian Pellas Hospital.

Since 2005, Pellas Development has established its reputation as a responsible developer of pristine natural sanctuaries where owners and guests make authentic connections to the land, culture and people of the surrounding communities. And in return, the surrounding community, the owners and resort guests will benefit from the resulting relationships and improved quality of life.

creating the finest master-planned communities in central america


The Pellas Development vision is to become Central America´s leader in responsible development and operation of master-planned communities and exclusive resorts.   With a modern and sustainable approach to planning, design and construction, Pellas Development will create unmatched destinations for a global audience, resulting in financial profitability for investors and improvement in the quality of life for local communities.



Pellas Development has undertaken one or several different roles within each project depending on the partition percentage, the target market, and the project needs:

  • Investing Partner
  • Land Developer
  • Vertical Product Developer
  • Constructing Firm or Construction Manager
  • Marketer / Master Broker
  • Administrator and Property Managers

Our Partners

Pellas Development works closely with its partners to build its pioneering vision and community improvement programs to life.